science communicator / information designer / creative

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Ellie's background in both the arts and the sciences has fueled her to explore opportunities for the two fields to interact.

She is the Creative Director at the Aspen Global Change Institute, where she produces works that creatively communicate climate science concepts through graphic design, illustration, and animated video. Her work in this arena has been featured in Yale Climate ConnectionsCleanTechnica, and the Pulitzer Center and has been supported by NASA, the Heising-Simons Foundation, and other institutions.

Her creative capacity is also bolstered by her proficiency as a performing cellist and vocalist. She has released recordings of her own work as well as with others, including Grammy-winning artist Peter Kater. Most recently, she contributed to a film soundtrack screened at the Sundance Film Festival 2019.  

Ellie holds a B.A. in ‘Science, Technology, and Society’ and a minor in Environmental Policy from the University of Puget Sound, where she concurrently studied classical cello performance. Her continuing education background concentrates on the power of Design, by which she studied Design Thinking with leading design firm IDEO and Information Design & Data Visualization at the Rhode Island School of Design.

She dearly loves pugs but does not own one.

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